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Some Of The Referees Don’t Learn – Mercy Quaicoo Tagoe

A factor hindering the beauty of our game have been drawn to officiating officials whose performances have been met with great dismay after series of errors leading to some been ban by the football association.

Speaking to this, retired referee and now coach for Berry ladies, Mercy Quaicoo Tagoe says she has been experiencing some laughable instances on the touchline because some of the referees do not learn because officiating is all about the laws of the game and they are handed Manuel’s which serves as a guide to them during games but some feels they are either class one or two so they can even be awoken from their slumber and move straight to the field to officiate.

Coach Mercy Quaicoo Tagoe in an interview with Happy FM’s Odiasempa Kwame Oware said,

“When I became a coach I have been experiencing certain things when I stand at the touchline it makes me laugh, honestly some of the Referees do not learn”

“The thing is about the laws of the game which a Manual is given to you to guide you especially on fouls and misconduct that’s the Law 12 which we use in officiating every game so if any incident happens you know what to apply in that instance”

“But some of the referees feels they are either class one or class two so they can even wake up from their sleep and move straight to the field to officiate but at times some incidents do occur and the referee becomes confused not knowing what to do”

She later adviced her former colleagues to send the challenges encounter in matches to the postmortem meetings and after various deliberations they would be handed a final results which would in the future guide them when confronted with such instances.

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