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We deserve at least $10, 000 from the FIFA relief fund – Berekum Arsenal chairman, Alhaji Yakubu Moro

Bank roller of Division one league side, Berekum Arsenal, Alhaji Yakubu Moro has said that clubs playing in the division one league deserve at least $10, 000 and not anything less.

Speaking on ARK FM, the renowned football administrator said; “the FIFA fund is not a sponsorship money, it’s meant for we the club’s, so am expecting the money to be shared equally among the clubs, both the Premier and the Division one club’s.”

“I will advice all Zone one league clubs to reject the money, they should not take it,we want accurate account and breakdown because we are always taking for granted.”

“We the division one league clubs should be giving at least $10, 000 dollars, the difference should be $5, 000”

“The money giving to the premier club’s is too much, when we sold players abroad we all pay 10% to the GFA, so am expecting equal amount.”, he added.

“We don’t have numerous representatives on the executive Council and as such we are always cheated not like that of the premier League club’s, they have people who talk for them”, he told ARK FM.


By Obed Asafo

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