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2010 FIFA World Cup: Samuel Inkoom Talks About Gyan’s Penalty Miss Against Uruguay

2010 FIFA World Cup: Samuel Inkoom Talks About Gyan's Penalty Miss Against Uruguay

Ghanain International, Samuel Inkoom has revealed talks that went at the dressing room after Asamoah Gyan missed that important penalty at the Quarter Finals of the 2010 FIFA World.

Ghana had a bright chance of becoming the first Africa country to get to the semi finals of the World Cup in 2010 but it was blown away by Asamoah Gyan who Samuel Inkoom explained as the most important player within the team that time.

Speaking to 433ghana.com in an exclusive interview, Samuel Inkoom who featured in that spoke about the feeling at the dressing room after the defeat to Uruguay.

“Nobody went to the tournament to be a loser, Asamoah Gyan was our penalty taker, he scored against Serbia and Australia and nobody complained, so I don’t think Asamoah Gyan intentionally missed the one against Uruguay, he also wanted to make a name for himself and make the country proud.

“So when we went into the dressing room, he was sad, everybody was sad because we couldn’t achieve what we came to the tournament for, but this is life and life must still go on.

“So we encouraged each other talked to each other, the coach spoke very well after the game at the dressing room, he gave lots of encouragement to we the young players, so we felt like life in itself is up and down so if you are down, you have to back to yourself and start all over again.

“Even though we were sad, but that was what was supposed to happen” Samuel Inkoom said in an interview with 433ghana.com.

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