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Ashgold SC Head Coach Wants Current Season Truncated

Ashgold SC Head Coach Wants Current Season Truncated

Head Coach of AshantiGold Sporting Club, Thomas Duah has stated that current Ghana League has to be cancelled and declared null and void as done in Holland.

All Football Competitions have been suspended since last two in Ghana following the President’s directives to place ban on all social gatherings.

Thomas Duah has in the wake of this suggested that, football competitions has to cancelled judging from the fact organizers don’t have the resources to play in the midst of the pandemic.

“I don’t see why we should continue with the league looking at the time left for us

“You go to Belgium, Holland and France they have all ended their leagues ,they are more advanced than us but what did they do.

“Some are suggesting playing behind closed doors that I disagree because we can’t do without the supporters, that’s not us, it can’t work” he said in interview with Oyerepa FM.

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