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Money and Branding Is The Cause of Player Exodus In Ghana – Abeiku Ainooson

Money and Branding Is The Cause of Player Exodus In Ghana - Abeiku Ainooson

Sekondi Hasaacas defender, Samuel Abeiku Ainooson has said in interview with 433ghana.com that the main reason why most Ghanaian players move from the country is because of inadequate financing and poor branding of football in Ghana.

Player Exodus has been one of the problems of Ghana Football with the league losing it’s best players to other countries on a consistent basis and Abeiku Ainooson thinks it is all down to money and branding of the league.

“It is two things, financial prowess and how we brand our football. Because if a player will struggle to earn $1000 or $500 here then it is very appalling but out there , they pay huge.

Abeiku Ainooson furthered that when players decides to stay home and finish their career, society turn to mock them because they will hung their boots without having anything in their accounts.

“You can stay here and spend your entire career here and you won’t even earn $500 and people will start calling you names which is the main reason why our players move out there.

“Look at countries like Kenya, Tanzania and Sudan, you will agree with me that they weren’t powerhouses in football back then but their branding and facilities and the quality players have helped pushed their league” Abeiku Ainooson said in an interview with 433ghana.com

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