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Jungle energy drink to give Hasaacas supporters energy drink during match days

Jungle Energy drink has opted to boost the morale of Sekondi Hasaacas supporters by giving them energy drink during their home games.

The players will not be left out of the package as they will also get their share of the energy drink.

Part of the supporters of Hasmal expressed their joy for such a package as it will boost their morale of going to the stadium to support their darling club.

With the large followers of Sekondi Hasaacas, Jungle energy drink will not regret opting to work them and fuelling the engine of the Doooooo spirit.

The supporters of Hasaacas are poised in doing everything possible for their club to progress to the 2020/2021 Ghana premier league.

Sekondi Hasaacas have only lost one game after 10 games.

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